We’re Betting On Your Business.

At Vox Funding, we understand that when you need capital for your business, you need it right away. We offer fast and simple options for small to mid-sized businesses.

Our Merchant Cash Advance and Invoice Purchasing programs get you what you need when you need it. You get paid up front, and we receive a percentage of future sales until a pre-determined amount is collected. Our industry funding experts are committed to the highest standards.


If you’re in need of funding, it’s as simple as applying, qualifying, and receiving. The process takes only a few business days. We review your business to determine if we would like to buy your future receivables.

Tell Us About Your Business

The application process is easy, and usually requires just the documents you already have on hand. If you are in need of extra working capital for your business, submit your application today.


Upon receiving your application, we begin the process of qualifying your business. To get you approved quickly, we will set up a call and ask you to submit a few standard business documents.


Most approved applications are processed and funded within a few days. We make the effort to get you as much business capital that you need — getting you funded as quickly as possible.

An advance from VOX Funding helps you stay in control of cash flow. As revenue comes into the business, a manageable amount is delivered back to us. Fast and simple.


VOX Funding gets you fast access to the capital you need. We offer variable payment options for small to medium-sized businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does VOX Funding get paid?
Depending on the program, we collect a percentage of your sales from your business checking account or credit card processing transactions.

What is the “bargained for exchange”?
VOX Funding buys your future receivables at a discount. For example, in exchange for $10,000 advance funding, you agree to sell $10,800 of your future sales as they are fulfilled.

What is my interest rate?
There is no interest rate associated with purchasing future receivables.

What is the APR?
There is no APR. Once you have generated enough future sales to deliver through our collection, you will have performed under the agreement. In general, the concept of an APR only applies in consumer-type transactions, not in business transactions such as future receivables purchasing.

What if I have bad credit?
Our agreement to buy your future receivables is based on your sales history and the probability of your future sales.

Do I need to accept credit cards?
No. You do not need to accept credit cards. We can work with all forms of business receivables while reviewing an application, including cash, checks, and invoices.

What is a merchant cash advance?
An amount paid to a business to purchase future receivables.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes. You guarantee that your representations made in the agreement are honest and accurate. In the event the business fails or if the representations made during the review and approval process are false or misleading, you may be liable.


· No defaults on previous advances

· US-based business

· No open tax liens or bankruptcies

· Minimum 1 year in business

· $100,000 in annual revenue